Your Benefits is a unique portal offering a host of benefits for our users who register with us.

If you are a Travel Professional or a Job seeker, you get

  • Get free access to Job Search based on location, experience, job functions, etc
  • Apply instantly for jobs with a click
  • Save Jobs that you would like to apply for later
  • Keep your resume file updated so recruiters with access to auto- matched profiles can contact you
  • Get free access to most relevant and current content curated specially from Tourism Boards, Hotels, Attractions, Cruise Companies and many more (coming soon)

If you are a Travel Company or a Recruiter

  • Post jobs instantly for locations across India
  • Post jobs by functions, job type and other features
  • Receive email notifications for job applications
  • Get industry relevant candidate profiles
  • Get free access to Most relevant and current content collected from Tourism Boards, Attractions, Hotel Companies, Cruise Companies and more (coming soon)
  • Get free access to marketplace for B2B Business Opportunities in Travel Industry (coming soon)
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