weekend getaway

A globetrotters Local weekend

A globetrotters local weekend is a short blog as experienced by Reena Sachdev in her own words.My journey as a globetrotter started when I was 15 years ...

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what to do if you did not get the job

Don’t miss the best job opportunities – Did not get the job ?

Part VI - Did not get the job ?In the previous article, we covered the preparations you can do before your job interview. In this ...

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preparing for the interview

Don’t miss the best job opportunities – Preparing for the interview

Part V - Preparing for the interviewIn the 5th part of our series, we will cover important points on preparing for the interview. During your ...

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Job opportunities

Don’t miss the best job opportunities – The right opportunity

PART IV - Where and how to find the right opportunityIn this article, I will cover useful tips on where and how to find the ...

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Stay relevant while searching for jobs

Don’t miss the best job opportunities – Stay relevant

This is the third part of our series of articles titled "Don't miss the best job opportunities" contributed by Rajesh NambiarIn a normal scenario, product ...

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Don’t miss the best job opportunities – Your profile

PART II - OPTIMISE YOUR PROFILEIn the previous article on how not to miss the best job opportunities, I had covered the basics of getting ...

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10 simple SEO tips for websites

Here are 10 simple SEO tips for websites. If your website is new, then it is going to take some time for it to become ...

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Top destination specialist courses for Travel Agents

This is the first part of our series on top destination specialist courses where we cover programmes that are popular in the Indian travel trade. ...

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How to be an expert in travel product knowledge

Travel agents need to have a plan on how to gather and store the huge amount of product knowledge, which is their bread and butter. ...

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A career in Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry and its related sectors will surely rebound and sharply grow in leaps and bounds in the post COVID years. ...

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Your post-COVID Marketing Campaigns

The industry will look vastly different at the end of this crisis, so you must prepare your business for when we come out on the ...

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