Top destination specialist courses for Travel Agents

This is the first part of our series on top destination specialist courses where we cover programmes that are popular in the Indian travel trade. Utilise this opportunity to prepare yourself for the next phase of your career

Covid19 has put the travel industry on a pause for some time. However as a travel industry professional, invest this time to enhance your expertise by learning more on international destinations. Many tourism boards offer online destination specialist courses that are free for not just those working in the travel industry but also for students. On completion, you are rewarded with a certfication as an expert in the destination.

Some tourism boards allow you to be listed on their site as an expert. There could even be bonus opportunities like a fully hosted trip to the destination, for instance. Furthermore, this additional travel product knowledge will improve relationship with your customers and increase your sales.

1. Switzerland Travel Expert

Sell more by becoming a Switzerland Travel Expert

The Switzerland Travel Academy consists of core and specialisation modules. While the core modules take about 3 hours to complete, it covers what you need to know about Switzerland including the latest events and experiences in the country. 

The specialisation modules dive more into different topics such as family holidays, accommodation offers, and outdoor activities. Each of these modules takes 40 minutes to complete

You receive a certificate of Switzerland Travel Expert after you pass the final exam on the core modules. Following which, you can renew the certificate every year by taking the exam of the updated “News from Switzerland” module. After that you can continue your training by choosing the specialisation you are interested in. Pass the exam to receive specialisation certificates.

Click here to sign up for the Switzerland Travel expert

2. Aussie Specialist Programme

Tourism Australia and the nation’s State and Territory Tourism Organisations run the Aussie Specialist Program. You need to complete five training modules to be a qualified Aussie Specialist. Once you are certified, it indicates you have the knowledge and skills to sell Australia and that your customers too recognise this expertise . The Aussie specialist is among the most popular and promoted destination specialist courses

Aussie specialist is one of the top international destination specialist programme

Click here to register for the Aussie Specialist programme

3. Spain Specialist Programme

Turespana (the national tourism marketing office of Spain) conducts the Spain Specialist Programme (SSP) to help travel sellers be an expert on the destination. This programme covers information on Spanish culture, the various regions, and its tourist attractions. On completion of the programme you subsequently earn a Spain Expert Certificate.

Learn more about Barcelona with the Spain Specialist Programme

Visit this link to learn more about the Spain Specialist programme and register

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4. BritAgent

United Kingdom’s online training programme BritAgent, is currently getting updated. Once ready, you can expect 20 courses to be available. Complete these courses to get a full certification as a BritAgent. Eventually, use this certification as an endorsement for your skills and knowledge to sell United Kingdom effectively to your customers.

The BritAgent programme is presently not active on their home page, but complete your registration and you will be intimated once the online training is live.

5. 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist

Increase your knowledge on New Zealand and be an expert when selling to you customers by completing the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist program. Moreover, the program is interestingly structured with some interaction and fun. You advance your status through 3 levels of achievement – Bronze, Silver and Gold and each tier rewards you with benefits.

The 100% Pure New Zealand programme is structured with interaction and fun

Click here to sign up for the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist

6. SA Specialist (South Africa)

The SA Specialist programme is an interactive online learning programme that will improve your knowledge and skills to better sell South Africa as a tourist destination. Get a certificate after completing the programme and add “SA Specialist” or “South African travel expert” in your marketing materials. Furthermore, the SA Tourism board includes you into the database of South African Tourism specialists – thereby giving your clients more reasons to book their South African holiday with you.

The SA Specialist programme consists of two courses, the SA Specialist: Essentials & the SA Specialist: Experiences. However you must complete the Essentials course within a period of 3 months from beginning. Once your you have completed the Essentials course, you can begin the Experiences course which can be completed at your own pace.

Learn more about Capetown with the SA specialist programme

Learn more about the benefits of enrolling on the SA Specialist programme here.

Use this link to register for South Africa Specialist programme

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7. Dubai Expert

Dubai Tourism’s The Dubai Expert is a unique fun and interactive training tool that imparts the expert knowledge and skills, to best sell Dubai. Thus, it is an opportunity to improve your knowledge of Dubai by learning about all the key attractions. Moreover, it enables you to build ‘must do’ itineraries and provide recommendations suitable to your clients’ preferences. Above all, build your credibility by using the Dubai Expert logo and get invites to Dubai tourism events

A Dubai Expert knows which are the must see attractions for their clients.

Click here to learn more about the Dubai Expert programme

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