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PART IV – Where and how to find the right opportunity

In this article, I will cover useful tips on where and how to find the right opportunity. The right opportunity not only matches your professional profile with the job requirement but also ensures that you and the prospective employer are suitable matches for each other.

Are you searching for a job right now and have already tried a few areas? Here is how you can optimise your efforts to search for the right opportunity.

Where to find the right opportunity?

Job portals

Our growing economy has contributed to a huge growth in the number of job portals in India. You will be tempted to post your profile on every possible nice-looking and promising job portal that you come across. However, I advise against posting your profile on many platforms. Find out which one is relevant for the profile and industry that you seek and only upload in a select few sites which list vacancies directly from recruiters.

Many job aggregator platforms that collect vacancies from other job portals and these may not be advisable if you are looking for a vacancy in a specialised industry. Furthermore, your inbox will be bombarded with a downpour of marketing and third-party emails because of which you will miss more relevant vacancy related emails.

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Find travel industry jobs in Bangalore

Tip: Use your primary email id on your resume and to submit on preferred job sites which are relevant to your profile. Create another email id for registering on the other job portals.

Recruitment consultants

If you seek middle or senior level positions, you can enlist with recruitment consultants preferably those with experience in your industry or skill set. Professional consultants facilitate only suitable profile matches while keeping in mind the best interests of the candidates and recruiters.

Your network – professional and friends

Your close professional contacts and your friends will be among the first to try to get opportunities for you. They will advise you of any vacancies that they come across and even forward your resume to their network. At the same time, when you are looking for the best job opportunities you need to use strong and relevant references. If not, then you risk the chances of your resume being presented to a mismatched requirement, thereby affecting the impression of your overall profile in the eyes of a recruiter.

If you want to find the right opportunity to enhance your career, then you must be in control of where you choose to apply.

Be focused during your search efforts to find the most suited job opportunities. Do not get swayed by job advertisements that promise lucrative benefits but do not carry detailed descriptions on the profile. I have noticed travel companies post their vacancies on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook without sufficient information. While it will seem like a job opportunity to you, it is a waste of time if it does not carry basic information such as job title, responsibilities, and desired skills. Travel companies can invest their time wisely by using platforms like to get responses that are relevant to their requirements.

Now that you know how to optimise your search, here is how you can choose the right jobs to apply to.

Knowing what kind of profile you desire

If you had optimised your profile using the inputs from my previous article, then you will be sure of what kind of jobs to apply to. Make a list of the probable job titles or designations, the skill areas, the location preferences, personal qualities, and the type of companies that would match with your profile. Furthermore, you can identify other industry segments where your skills and abilities might be in demand. It is best to consider only those opportunities where you feel you can add value to the organisation

Read the job description carefully

Very often we get tempted by the job title and our immediate response is to click the apply button and dash off our resume before we have read the job description. This action can work against your efforts in the following circumstances.

Firstly, if the profile does not suit the job requirements, it will be interpreted as ignorance from the applicant in understanding the information accompanying the job advertisement. Secondly, you miss the opportunity to showcase your skills and experience which are relevant to the job requirements. 

Read the job description couple of times to make sure you understand the recruiter’s requirements. After you are sure that your profile matches these requirements, you can shortlist the vacancy for sending your application. If you recollect, in my first article on enhancing your resume I had emphasised the importance of customising the resume and adding a covering note along with the resume. Use this step and see your application stand out among the others.

Research about the recruiter

One question I often ask experienced candidates during an interview is if they knew about the organisation. This was not intended to judge their knowledge. Rather it was to make sure if they were aware of the organisation and if it suited your career goals.

When you are in search of that one best opportunity that will set your career path for the next 5 or 10 years or even more, you must concentrate and put in your best efforts. Before you decide to apply to an organisation that you do not know of, do some fact-finding on your own. Check if there is any latest news on the company that you intend to apply to. Certainly, you do not want to join a company just for its popularity and experience it shutting down in a few months.

Your attitude matters

Whatever be your circumstances, when you apply for a suitable vacancy, you must show the recruiter that you want the job because you are interested in the role and not because you are desperate. Be formal in your communication and do not follow repeatedly and unnecessarily with the recruiter.

You will experience situations where you have applied for a suitable vacancy with high expectations and did not receive a response. Do not despair. You can send a follow-up email to the recruiter to enquire on the progress of their recruitment and ask if your application was received and considered.

To summarise, be persistent during this period of searching for the job and do not compromise on your profile if you do not want to miss the best job opportunities. It is sensible to apply for 5 suitable vacancies and get as many calls for interviews than to apply for 20 and get none! Your positive attitude will help to find the right opportunity and secure your career in the long-term.

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