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Don’t miss the best job opportunities – Did not get the job ?

Part VI – Did not get the job ?

In the previous article, we covered the preparations you can do before your job interview. In this last part of “Don’t miss the best job opportunities” series, we suggest what you can do if you did not get the job after the interview.

You must have put a lot of effort into searching for opportunities and carefully selected the ones to apply for. You researched on the companies, and did your best at the interview. However, for some reason, the recruiter may have found someone else more suitable for the vacancy. It can be a dismal feeling if you did not get selected for the opportunity that you had so well prepared for. But you must not despair in such a situation.

Firstly, you must realise that this was not the only right opportunity and that you must continue looking for opportunities with the same enthusiasm with which you had started. Secondly, you must learn from the entire experience and find areas where you could improve.

Here is what you can do if you did not get the job.

Say “ Thank you”

Send an email to the recruiter thanking them for considering your application. Let them know how you had felt about the entire recruitment process and that you will be passionately looking forward to being a part of their organisation. The recruiter will appreciate your gesture and your profile will stand out amongst the other candidates. Furthermore, this establishes a healthy relationship with the organisation which can work in your favour for future opportunities. For example, if the selected candidate is unable to join or discontinues unexpectedly, you may be the obvious choice.

Ask opinion/advice

You can ask the recruiter for feedback on your performance during the recruitment process. Seek advice on any areas of improvement where you can work upon, according to them.

Talk to your seniors and peers in the industry to discuss the experience and seek their opinion on possible areas to improve. This will also help you to understand new industry trends and how you can be better prepared for the next opportunity. If fortunate, you may come to discover some more leads or opportunities this way.

Be Positive

Being positive is a state of mind. Cultivate a habit of positive thinking by believing that things will turn out well. Have trust in yourself, believe in your abilities, and be proactive by thinking about constructive solutions to problems. Having a positive attitude will also improve your creative thinking. It will help you stay calm in tough situations, stay hopeful, and persevere with whatever you are doing, despite difficulties or failure. Remember, it is your choice to be happy, irrespective of the situation, and a positive person always stays happy.

Continue Upskilling

I have frequently stressed the importance of learning and gaining knowledge in any professional’s career. The time that you invest in upskilling will always be productive. For instance, you can choose to upgrade your knowledge or an existing skill by taking advanced courses or you can learn a completely new skill relevant to your industry. There are plenty of online course offerings by popular e-learning portals like Coursera, Udemy, ITJ e-Learning, etc

You can add a new certification on your resume or emphasise on a pre-existing skill in your resume cover note. Recruiters strongly prefer candidates who are constantly adding value to themselves and their organisation by learning and contributing through new skills and expertise.

Consider temporary / part time work

In an unprecedented situation where millions of employees are either furloughed without pay or are laid off, it becomes difficult for the industry to offer full-time opportunities. While the economy is at a standstill, many businesses are trying to survive by conserving their capital and reducing expenses. Until the recovery to normal takes place, the opportunities for full-time jobs will be limited. Also the salaries offered will be substantially lower than normal. This is a difficult position to be especially if you did not get a job after a few applications and you are trying to make ends meet at the home front.

Along with the right opportunity, you also expect a pay package that will be commensurate with your experience and skills. If you do not get suitable job opportunities, look for temporary work opportunities in areas where your skills match. Alternatively, opt for part-time opportunities that can leave you with enough time to continue your search for full-time jobs while guaranteeing an assured income during this period. Whether you choose to work on a temporary or part-time basis, ensure you get an income that is proportionate to the effort and time spent at this job.

When you are looking for part-time or temporary job opportunities, be open to jobs outside your industry to increase your chances. You can use it to your advantage to learn more about other industries and have an edge in your career.

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And some other things to do

Sometimes the wait for the best job opportunity can take longer than you expect. This can be a test for your patience. Moreover, if you did not get the job after what you thought was a well-done interview, it can be disappointing. On the contrary, use these experiences to learn and strengthen yourself. I highly recommend that you pick up the habit of reading to reinforce your beliefs and to stay motivated. Look for articles of your interest and read books on leadership, excellence, sales skills, achieving success, and other topics related to the workplace. This will help in developing soft skills which can be practised in both professional and personal life.

Finally, and importantly, do follow the tips shared in our past articles of these series i.e. Part 1 – Your Resume, Part 2 – Your Profile & Preferences Part 3 – Stay relevant in the trade, Part 4 – How to find the right opportunity and Part 5 – Preparing for the interview

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