Hire faster with these Online job posting tips

Hiring the right candidate is a process that requires time, dedication, and effort on part of the recruiter. You need to define the profile and then find the right channel to spread the word. Today online job portals are the most cost-effective when you need to hire for entry-level and junior positions. Here are some online job posting tips to get maximum applications from suitable candidates for your job advertisement.

A job post advertisement must carry all necessary and correct information that is required to attract prospective candidates. Most suitable candidates apply only when there are sufficient details in the job advertisement such as the job profile, salary, designation, and company information.

Read on to learn how to incorporate some of the most important details in your job post advertisement and increase your chances of getting the right candidate faster through our online job posting tips

1.      Use a clear and descriptive title or subject for the advertisement

Why ? A job title refers to the exact role or position that will be assigned to the selected candidate. This provides clarity to the job seekers in terms of what functional skills and specialisation are required.

How ? Use the most suitable terms or job titles for your vacancy. Some job search platforms allow you to include a more descriptive subject for the vacancy. A descriptive subject attracts more views from jobseekers in comparison to a simple job title. 


“Senior sales executive urgently needed for West India”

“Luxury boutique agency is seeking dynamic customer service executive”

“Fast-growing travel company needs junior executives or freshers”

“Urgent hiring for experienced airline ticketing staff”

A note of caution – Avoid using confusing titles like growth-hacker, ninja, rockstar, etc!

2.      Mention the compensation and benefits.

Why? When you indicate the compensation, your job post will attract applications from the best candidates thus saving time during your hiring. Being open about the salary helps to avoid applications from candidates with expectations beyond your affordability.

How ? Indicate a salary range that will cover the minimum & maximum you will offer, provided the candidate meets all the eligible criteria. However, it is important to be aware of what is the market rate for the role that you are offering and to offer fair compensation for the job to be done.

Additionally, in the job description text, include details of employee benefits that such as leaves, bonuses, overtime, medical insurance, etc. These perks share a lot about the work culture at the company and help in getting applicants who seek long-term employment.

3.      Specify required qualifications and experience

travel job qualification

Why? The eligibility section is important information for candidates to understand the role and respond promptly to your advertisement. This will ensure that you get matching applications from more suitable candidates.

How? Indicate the qualifications and experience separately in the job description. While entry or junior level roles may require some basic level of education like a diploma, graduation, or certification, middle and senior-level roles will need candidates with not just advanced educational achievements but also enough experience in similar roles or functional areas. 

For junior-level roles, specify some basic requirements – such as spoken languages, using Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, etc. as desirable skills, or qualifications.

4.      Always include a brief write-up on your company and your company logo.

Why ? Including the company information establishes a high level of credibility in the eyes of the jobseekers, especially when they are comparing it with your competition. Adding logo to your profile will improve your branding in the industry and attract the attention of more job seekers.

How ? In your profile or advertisement, include a brief description of the organization. Additionally, mention the age of the company, the focus areas of the business, and the size of the organization. New companies and start-ups reach out to enthusiastic job seekers by sharing their vision and their culture and inviting candidates to be part of their growth journey.

5.      Detailed job description – role, responsibilities, and other details

job description is very important part of a job advertisement

Why? Insights on the data available from Indiatraveljobs show that job posts with a description of between 200 to 300 words receive a 70% higher number of views when compared with descriptions less than 100 words. Hence we highly recommend a job description to include around 300 words for better impressions and 600 words or above for management-level roles.

Job posts with a description of between 200 to 300 words receive a 70% higher number of views when compared with descriptions less than 100 words.

How? This is the most critical part of the job advertisement where you need to be very specific. To begin, the job description should have separate sections for role and responsibilities. The role section will contain the tasks involved in the job and the responsibilities section will specify the performance and goal areas. In any case, limit the responsibilities to not more than 4 or 5. Use bullet points to list out the role and responsibilities section in the job description to make it more readable.

Some advertisers provide a summary in a couple of sentences which is not enough to convey the role to the job seeker. As a result, the job post advertisement will appear less serious and hence will attract less interest.

Recruiting a new team member is a serious investment for your business therefore you must give sufficient attention and time during the job posting process. Following the above tips will maximize the reach of your travel job advertisement and get more responses for your vacancies.

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