A career in Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry and its related sectors will surely rebound and sharply grow in leaps and bounds in the post COVID years. Therefore, a career in Travel and Tourism industry will be be highly exciting and adventurous and will even pay well In India, the travel industry  generated USD 240 billions or 9.2% of India’s GDP and supported 4.5 crore jobs and the travel industry hopes to ...

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Your post-COVID Marketing Campaigns

The industry will look vastly different at the end of this crisis, so you must prepare your business for when we come out on the other side. Read on for some post COVID Marketing tips Written by Chris Torres Over the last 3-4 weeks, I have made it my mission to educate tour and activity operators about the best ways to market their businesses during the crisis. And the most important point ...

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Lay-offs versus pay-cuts

We are fast approaching the difficult decision of lay-offs versus pay-cuts . This Covid 19 crisis is one of the worst to hit the tourism industry and it has impacted all its segments –inbound, outbound and domestic, leisure, cruise, adventure, corporate meetings, conference, and exhibitions. The Indian Travel Industry employs a whopping 12.75% of the country’s total work force, 5.56% of it direct and 7.19% indirect. Over 87 ...

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Social Distancing

Caught up in a Sheldon Cooper Moment !!!

The current situation amid the COVID-19 and social distancing lockdown brings to mind Sheldon Cooper, the popular and much loved protagonist of the hugely successful The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon, as we all know cannot tolerate any sort of change in his routine, he lives a regimented, clockwork type of life. How would he have reacted/responded to this situation can be a one hour special. Well, to be honest, Sheldon would ...

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Beyond corona virus : The path to the new normal

Beyond coronavirus: The path to the next normal

This article was originally published by McKinsey & Co. The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of immense proportion—it’s also an imminent restructuring of the global economic order. Here’s how leaders can begin navigating the path to the next normal. For some organizations, near-term survival is the only agenda item. Others are peering through the fog of uncertainty, thinking about how to position themselves once the crisis has passed and ...

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Tough Times

10 Tips on surviving tough times

Tips on surviving tough times, we offer some points to handle and manage difficult situations. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” –Friedrich Nietzsche Most of the people you have come to respect are those who have gone through turmoil and bad times but have risen again to be successful.  These people have experienced many ups and downs, and have gained an understanding of life. People ...

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Succeed in a new Job

Starting at a new job is going to be an exciting experience. At the same time, you will be looking to excel at the workplace. So we have compiled these useful tips to help you to succeed in a new job. Make sure you dress professionally Examine what other successful people at the firm wear to work. Click here for a few tips Develop a plan for the first few months The first ...

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Growing Travel and Tourism Industry will create more jobs

A job in this industry can be highly exciting and pays well too In India, the travel industry hopes to create 46 million job opportunities by 2025 therefore India offers a bright future and unlimited career opportunities for those who want to make a career in in the Travel & Toursim sector. We are one of the very few countries that has all geographical features viz: Sea, Forests, ...

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